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A small portion of your National Audubon membership fee comes to your local Appalachian Audubon Society. That is one reason that many NAS members also subscribe to the AAS Chapter Support Membership.

We now offer AAS Chapter Support Membership with on-line registration and payment. It's easy!

See details and join now on our Chapter Support Membership Application page:

Chapter Support Membership Application page

== Membership Facts ==

When you join National Audubon Society (NAS), you are assigned to a local chapter based on your zip code. By being a member of NAS, you are automatically a full-fledged member of the Appalachian Audubon Society (AAS) and receive all of its benefits.

Your membership in National Audubon Society strengthens its voice in nation-wide environmental affairs and provides you with the beautiful quarterly Audubon magazine. Go to the National Audubon Website to renew your annual membership there.

Since only about $4 of your annual National Audubon membership comes to us for our local functions, Appalachian Audubon Society offers a separate Chapter Support Membership. The entire $15 annual donation ($5 for students) for this membership is retained by Appalachian Audubon for scholarships, education, field trips, programs, newsletters and conservation in your local area. Many people have decided to have both memberships.

(You may choose one or both memberships, but please note that you will receive the Audubon magazine and mailings from NAS only if you are also an active member of that organization.)

Appalachian Audubon Society Chapter Support Memberships are annual memberships that run from July 1 through June 30. You may join at any time, but all memberships must be renewed on the following July 1.

Please consider helping your local chapter by becoming an AAS Chapter Support Member today.

Click this link Chapter Support Membership Application page to get started.

Here's the old way of joining:

But please consider using the new, on-line application
and payment mentioned above. It's easier for everyone.
Thank you.

Download the Membership Application Form and mail it (yes, US postage stamp and all)
just mail us the information listed on the form [name, address, email, phone, current membership status]

with your $15 membership fee to:
Appalachian Audubon Society
PO Box 234
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0234
Your Chapter Support Membership helps us provide that much more benefit to our community.

Thank you.