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Here are some links that you may find interesting:

National Audubon Society: www.audubon.org

Audubon Pennsylvania: www.pa.audubon.org

Wildwood Park: www.wildwoodlake.org

Audubon at Home: Bird-Friendly Communities

Hog Island Maine Audubon Camp: www.hogisland.audubon.org

Central Pennsylvania Conservancy: www.centralpaconservancy.org

The Manada Conservancy: www.manada.org

The Nature Conservancy: www.nature.org

Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania: www.thebsp.org

Diakon Nursery: Diakon Greenhouse & Nursery

NJ Audubon Society: www.njaudubon.org

Operation Migration: www.operationmigration.org

Scott Weidensaul - Nature.org Article on Snowy Owls: Project SNOWstorm